Photo: Nasjonalmuseet / Frode Larsen

The Grosch Medal

The Grosch Medal is a prestigious award given to architects who through their work have promoted the quality of Norwegian architecture.

The purpose of the award is to encourage the architects of today to strive for the same excellence that we find in the buildings of Christian Heinrich Grosch (1801–1865), Norway’s foremost architect of the 19th century. The medal is awarded to individuals who have made a significant contribution to promoting the quality of Norwegian architecture. 


Prize recipients

2018: Einar Jarmund, Alessandra Kosberg and Håkon Vigsnæs

2014: Arne Henriksen

2012: Kjetil Trædal and Craig Dykers

2010: Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk

2008: Helge Hjertholm

2005: Håkon Christie

2005: Kjell Lund

2003: Jan Olav Jensen and Børre Skodvin

2001: Sverre Fehn


Board members of Groschselskapet

Svein Stølen (University of Oslo), Harald Vaagaasar Nikolaisen (Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property), Nina Berre (National Museum), Hanna Geiran (Directorate for Cultural Heritage), Geir Brendeland (Faculty of Architecture and Design, NTNU), Dorte Mandrup (architect, Dorte Mandrup AS) and Børre Skodvin (architect, Jensen & Skodvin Architects).