The National Museum is meant be open to everyone. We seek to incorporate universal design and individually adapted solutions in order to ensure that our museum buildings and activities are accessible to as many people as possible.

The National Museum strives continually to improve the accessibility of our museum buildings. The new National Museum complex that is set to open in 2020 will be adapted to cater to users with various needs, but our current exhibition venues are also places where everyone should be able to participate today.

Online resources

Our web pages provide information about exhibition venues, exhibitions, and special events. Our online collection allows you to explore over 40,000 works of art on your computer or smartphone.

You can adjust the font size on our web pages. Hold down the CTRL key and press “+” or “ ” on your keyboard, or modify the size with your mouse.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs are welcome in all museum locations.


Free admission for companions with companion card.

For more information, please contact:

Tel.: +47 21 98 20 00