Queen Maud’s Album

13 October 2017–18 February 2018

Queen Sonja Art Stable

Let yourself be enchanted by Queen Maud’s elegant outfits and private photographs in “Queen Maud’s album”, a digital installation in the Queen Sonja Art Stable.

The installation offers a glimpse into the private world of Queen Maud: the coronation, gala dinners, winter pastimes, summer delights, horse riding and convivial social events. Get to know Queen Maud through six digital stories about her life, each based on a selected costume from her wardrobe.

18 February is the final chance to see the installation in its current form.

Queen Maud (1869–1938)

Queen Maud’s interests largely reflect her upbringing in the British royal family. She enjoyed riding, cycling, tobogganing, dancing – and skiing. She was also deeply interested in fashion, interior design, and photography. Queen Maud left 44 photo albums, consisting of pictures taken by herself and others.

Princess Maud was born in England as daughter of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII). In 1896 she married Prince Carl of Denmark, with whom she had a son, Prince Alexander (Olav V). In November 1905, the people of Norway chose Prince Carl as their king, and he took the name Haakon VII. The family moved immediately to the palace in Kristiania (Oslo). The following year they were crowned in Nidaros Cathedral.

Costumes in 3D

The costumes have been photographed using photogrammetry. This technique uses multiple cameras to capture physical objects from a variety of angles. The images are then combined to form a virtual 3D model. Developed for cinematic effects, these tools and techniques are used to create particle-cloud animations.

“Queen Maud’s album” is the Norwegian government’s gift to King Harald and Queen Sonja for their 80th birthdays. The installation was developed and produced by the National Museum in collaboration with the Royal Collections and Tellart, creative technology studio.

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Tuesday–Sunday 11.00–17.00

Adress: The Queen Sonja Art Stable, the former Royal Stables. The Palace Park, entrance from Parkveien.