Tekstilfabrikk i Prato. Foto: Nadia S. Cohen

Lecture: Valerio Barberis on urban planning in Prato

10. november 2016

The National Museum – Architecture

Welcome to a lecture by Valerio Barberis – the urban planning commissioner of Prato in Italy.

Valerio Barberis is responsible for a number of initiatives, both large and small, in Prato, including the revitalization of an industrial zone where many Chinese workshops are located – and a series of minor interventions in public spaces that seek to achieve fruitful platforms for exchange and shared encounters between the Chinese community and the inhabitants of Prato.

Prato is one of ten sites presented in the "In Residence" exhibition, each of which reflects the conditions of global migration. The district of Prato is a manufacturing hub for products that carry the “Made in Italy” label, which is promoted worldwide as a trademark of quality based on “local” production standards. At the same time, Prato currently has one of the biggest Chinatowns in Europe, with more than 50,000 inhabitants.

In cooperation with:
IIC (Instituto Italiano di Cultura Oslo)