Photo: Nasjonalmuseet / Annar Bjørgli
Photo: Nasjonalmuseet / Annar Bjørgli

Tourist in your own city: Guided tours in the National Gallery

15 April 2018

The National Gallery

The National Gallery houses Norway's largest public collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures.

You're welcome to the following English guided tours this day:

12.00: Love – Anxiety – Death

The Munch Room contains world-famous paintings from Munch’s “Frieze of Life” series, including The Scream, Madonna, and The Dance of Life. 

15.00: Norwegian masterpieces

Tidemand and Gude’s Bridal Procession on the Hardangerfjord, J.C. Dahl’s majestic landscapes and Kittelsen’s depictions of trolls and folk tales.