La Nature IRL
Mårten Spångberg, "La Nature IRL (remix)"

Ensemble Mårten Spångberg: «La Nature IRL (remix)»

19 April 2018

The National Gallery

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La Nature IRL (remix) is the Swedish choreographer Mårten Spångberg’s most recent dance creation. Here contemporary forms of appropriation meet an excessive relation to dance. Internet surfing is a theme, and our unability to to select anything in particular. At the same time a hedonist celebration of this culture, the piece is also a critique of a world obsessed with images and illusion.

With and by: Emma Daniel, Adriano Wilfert-Jensen, Tamara Alegre, Andrea Zavala Folache, Ofelia Jarl-Ortega, Alexandra Tweit, Mårten Spångberg

Supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Swedish Art Council and Fritt Ord

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