From the mounting of the exhibition «Impressions. Five Centuries of Woodcuts». Photo: Annar Bjørgli / Nasjonalmuseet

Collection Management

The aim of managing the National Museum’s collections is to conserve our cultural heritage for future generations. Such management includes the various activities and measures that ensure that the collections are safeguarded, enhanced, developed, documented, and made available to the general public in accordance with today’s professional standards.

The National Museum’s collection management includes the handling and transporting of works of art, storage, preventive conservation (collections care), conservation and restoration, digitization and documentation of the collections, as well as the mounting of works for exhibitions. Conducting research on the museum’s holdings is also part of such collection management at the National Museum.

One of the most exciting tasks the museum is currently facing is the relocation of the collections from current locations to the new National Museum, which is currently under construction in Oslo and will be completed in 2019. Such a relocation presupposes that the various objects and works of art are documented and in a stable condition, so that no original material is lost. The moving process is highly complicated and requires several teams to closely coordinate their activities. Since 2008 the museum has made an extraordinary effort to quality assure the information that is registered in the Primus collection catalogue, photograph the collections, and document their condition. Though this extensive work has primarily been done to prepare for the planned relocation, it has benefited the public in that the reviewed collections have been made accessible at DigitaltMuseum and at the National Museum’s online collection.