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assume vivid astro focus (avaf)

The French - Brazilian collective (Eli Sudbrack & Christophe Hamaide-Pierson) work under the pseudonym avaf and create environments that bring people together within art and museum institutions.

© assume vivid astro focus, assume vivid astro focus VIII, Crushed Cigarette Packs, Ceiling Cocktail, Garden X, 2004/2010, installation

The maze of colourful passageways and spaces with interconnecting and hidden doorways are meeting places in which the conventional formalities of a gallery visit can become a more relaxed exchange.

Exuberant, decaled wallpapers signal fun as the dynamic of the installation. Fun is understood as a positive beginning for new personal exchanges and by inserting fun into the formal cultural rituals of exhibition openings and cultural events, the normal detachment of viewers to artworks and the gallery is exploded. To assist with the loss of inhibition visitors are invited to wear a mask. This neutralises personality, makes everyone look the same and avoids anyone loosing face.

avaf have made stage sets for popular music events and party scenarios for biennale and gallery openings. Influenced by the music of the Brazilian singers Jorge Ben and Gilberto Gil their installations are containers for parties, live performances, films shows and celebratory gatherings. They seek a different rhythm than the pure conceptual or rational framing of post modern installation work. But the installation is not all fun. avaf’s spectacular and energetic installation is constructed with a mind to a public gathering or meeting. Its intention is to say something about politics that is related to both pleasure and the broadening of consciousness through sensual overload.

assume vivid astro focus is based in New York.

Gavin Jantjes